GlobalTrading26, a Traditional Online Trading Solution

In the past couple of years, the online trading industry has reached new levels of success and adoption. The industry has been widely adopted by the commoners who were once skeptical about the very nature of the online trading industry. However, as the adoption in the industry has increased, the number of brokerages providing below-standard services has increased. This is where online trading brokerages such as GlobalTrading26 are determined to stick to the traditional services and benefits that the users used to enjoy in the past, and are hardly found among mediocre trading brokerages. So allow me to share as many details about the particular brokerage in this GlobalTrading26 review.

GlobalTrading26’s Mission

GlobalTrading26 aims to provide users with the most reliable, secure, friendly, productive, and profitable trading environment. Its focus is to polish the profile of the investors by educating them in learning the basics of online trading, and climb through the ladders as they gain more experience in the online trading markets.

The teams at GlobalTrading26 are veteran level when it comes to trades, analytics, and programming. Together with their skills and expertise, they aim to enhance and make the trading experience of the investors to the next level. For GlobalTrading26, it is not just about helping traders in trading, it is about helping them become independent and empowered in the online trading markets.

GlobalTrading26 is Fully Regulated

In order for an online trading brokerage to provide investors with a safe and secure trading environment and risk-free environment, it is imperative that they adhere to the regulations currently being practiced globally. This is where the users can also rest assured as GlobalTrading26 is fully regulated as it is 100% compliant with KYC and AML policies.

KYC adherence means that GlobalTrading26 tends to update the personal information of users after set benchmarks or at the time of signing up or money withdrawals.

AML adherence means that GlobalTrading26 closely monitors the inflow/outflow of transactions and reports any transactions to regulatory authorities if they are high-risk transactions. High-risk transactions mean transactions that might originate from elements such as money-laundering, criminal activities, or terrorist funding.


At GlobalTrading26 the process of deposits and withdrawals is fairly simple, convenient, and trustworthy. First of all, all transactions at the brokerage at secure as they are based on peer-to-peer and encrypted transaction protocols so no third-party can interfere or steal the transaction information.

Then, the payment methods chosen by GlobalTrading26 are more trusted than any other that are bank wire transfers, bitcoin wallets, and credit/debit cards. The minimum deposit required at GlobalTrading is €10,001.

As for withdrawals, the users can choose the same payment methods they choose in case of deposits. If the withdrawal request is via credit/debit cards or bank wire, then the minimum withdrawal amount is $100. If it is via bitcoin wallet, then the amount being withdrawn must be equivalent to $250 worth of bitcoin.

Trading Instruments at GlobalTrading26

Nowadays, the majority of the online trading brokerages offer a single trading asset but in the past, the brokerages used to provide almost all major trading assets. As GlobalTrading26 is a traditional online trading brokerage, it tends to follow the old traditions and provides users with major trading assets such as forex, commodities, indices, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

Once an investor chooses the asset, the trading experts and analysts at GlobalTrading26 get to work and start monitoring your trading activities. They continue to do it alongside your personal account manager in order to find the flaws in your trading profile and fix them for good in order to make your trades as profitable as possible.

Trading Accounts at GlobalTrading26

At GlobalTrading26, the users get to choose one trading account out of the five that are set up to meet the trading requirements of the users based on their trading experience and exposure to online trading markets. The names of the trading accounts are silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and VIP, where each account represents a higher level of trading experience and the number of services provided against the previous one.

Once an online trading account is acquired, the users are entitled to receive services such as trading events, trading room, one-on-one coaching, trading signals, market news, product updates, monthly cashback, welcome bonus, weekly managed sessions, and support from the personal account manager.

Trading Platform at GlobalTrading26

GlobalTrading26’s trading platform has been built in-house, meaning it is not dependent on the input of third-parties, and it is fully managed by the development teams at GlobalTrading26. This gives the brokerage to incorporate and integrate the latest trading tools, features, and services into the platform without being developed by third-party providers.

The trading platform provided by GlobalTrading26 is user-friendly and has a state-of-the-art trading interface that makes it extremely easy for users to navigate through its tools, features, and services.

Some of the major services that it offers include trading signals, market news, economic calendar, multiple trading markets, multi-lingual support, leverage trading, trading charts, historical reports, and much more. The trading platform is currently available to users who use android and iOS-based smartphones. Furthermore, users with Microsoft or Apple-based systems can also use them through browsers.

Support Line by GlobalTrading26

The customer support provided by GlobalTrading26 is fully experienced, professional, user-friendly, empathetic, and fully trained to deal with small and huge problems. No matter the queries the users have, the customer support teams at GlobalTrading26 are available 24/5 to provide solutions to the problems.

At present, the GlobalTrading26 brokerage provides support via chat support, helpline, and email support.

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