Top 5 Apps For Investing in Cryptocurrency

If you’re considering investing in cryptocurrency, the first step is finding an app that will assist with the process. The ideal applications should enable trading between fiat currency and crypto, have low fees, and provide various payment methods.

Make sure to select a storage solution that will protect your coins. Doing so is essential, as it could save you from losing them in case of theft or misplacement.


eToro is one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency apps, providing an user-friendly platform to trade digital assets. Its straightforward design and limited selection of curated assets make it perfect even for novice traders.

Traders open an account by creating a username, password and email address. After answering some questions about their risk tolerance and trading experience, traders are verified and can trade using either the free-to-use eToro app or on the web.

On eToro, traders can trade various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Furthermore, the exchange offers CFD trading – similar to futures trading – for those interested in investing.

However, eToro does charge a 1% fee on each transaction in addition to its spread. Although this fee is lower than many other platforms’, it can still eat into profits when buying and selling large amounts of cryptocurrency.

eToro stores user funds in cold storage to reduce the risk of losing money. It also utilizes two-factor authentication and modern monitoring tools to safeguard customers’ funds.


Coinbase is an app that enables you to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin. It displays prices and trends in real time, provides news stories about crypto assets, as well as allows you to manage your portfolio of holdings.

It offers a selection of tools to assist investors in cryptocurrency, including a debit card and educational resources about cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, two types of wallets are provided: one managed by the exchange (custodial one) and another non-custodial one which you can manage yourself on your phone or through the browser extension.

Coinbase takes a variety of safety measures to safeguard your assets as a crypto exchange. It has crime insurance that covers cash balances held online and FDIC coverage up to $250K per customer. Furthermore, two-factor authentication is required along with coin recovery in case something goes wrong with your account.


The BitPay app is an established crypto wallet that lets you store and spend your coins. Additionally, it includes a digital debit card so you can use those coins to make payments at hundreds of retailers worldwide.

This app is both secure and user-friendly, allowing you to create a virtual bitcoin wallet in just minutes with just the touch of a button. Plus, send and receive payments with ease!

Manage your cryptocurrency finances from anywhere with this great app! Even add friends’ addresses to a contact list and send them money with just one tap!

The BitPay app can be downloaded free from both Google Play Store and App Store, offering various features like a wallet, crypto debit card, and web browser extension.


Brave is a browser designed to protect your privacy by blocking data-sucking ads and trackers from the web. Additionally, it blocks cross-site cookie tracking, fingerprinting, phishing attempts, and malware attacks.

Brave also includes a crypto wallet, which is an application that stores, sends, and swaps cryptocurrency tokens. This native wallet is integrated into the browser without needing an extra download.

Another feature of the browser is its Basic Attention Token (BAT) program. By agreeing to view privacy-respecting ads, users can earn BAT tokens and support websites and content creators who are members of this initiative.

BAT tokens can be utilized to pay website owners for their services or sent directly as cash. However, BAT is a distinct cryptocurrency from Bitcoin.

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